The trust crisis of how to face the market of logistics market

requirements directly challenges the ability of third-party logistics line. Third-party logistics to handle it   perhaps this need to make a question mark. But in the face of challenges, the third party cannot complain because progress service quality is its Chinese logistics matters, now associated by cooperative fire hard to move forward, third party logistics does some meditation, walking.  

no denying, third-party logistics is an big booster of the growth of electronic commerce. Electronic commerce enterprise "was born", the third-party logistics is ripe to become e-commerce enterprises and end link and bridge between customers for its open market made many achievements? shoot at your games but loving by Tao Jin and Li Yi Ken LAN a salary, an increase of 43 % ; total logistics in the country amounted to 8 9  trillion yuan, an increase of 1 5 %. Obviously, logistics is far behind the pace of growth in e-commerce.

thus, high-speed growth of e-commerce Enterprise hair to to cooperation fire with proposed various requirements: third party logistics will necessary has limited logistics of capacity, or will took express company of guarantee gold lost to consumers; third party logistics by play responsibility no longer just is delivery, express Member more to has to customer introduced commodity, more is of to has persuaded to return of customer change advocates left commodity of capacity, cannot than like past contacts rush let customer signature something.

of course, the logistics industry in China is still a very young industry. Lasting yilai China real wind industry exists of standardization foster lag, and logistics fundamental initiatives measures of supporting sex and compatible sex poor, and Shanghai China Yu logistics logistics craft equipment degree low, and logistics system effectiveness low, and logistics cost high-end title problem is not overnight can may solution, because associate into threshold low, logistics enterprise bulk, and mess, and small, and poor of occasions pomp also hard in short when within get modified not ya. But the third-party logistics enterprises must be familiar to, in front of the huge electronic commerce big business opportunities, only catching up to grab a portion, but also to market they are after all.


more and more e-commerce enterprises to invest in own logistics and third party logistics are very embarrassed. Because the third-party logistics service to meet the requirements of e-commerce enterprises, fast-growing e-commerce business seems can't wait to slow growth of the wind industry, since the logistics are made on both sides of the gap on its work after the new year's Eve. Faced with the "must be", third-party logistics is the reflection  


in fact, third-party logistics service to meet the requirements of enterprise electronic commerce is already a cliché topic. And the subject have drawn much attention, because to date, this problem is still not resolved. There are all sorts of problems in third-party logistics, not to mention the standards do a wide range of not only do low level difference of pomp, a long time did not receive an improvement. "The low level of information, risk-resistant ability, rough control going to poor governance system" has been a lot of bruising of the third party logistics. In this, just distribution is not timely, seriously affected the image and promises of e-commerce businesses in front of end customers.


therein growth will continue on e-commerce and physical distribution, logistics and distribution into the e-commerce side, to reach you with me, I have you, in order to better growth. But the premise is, they must always in a starting line, assuming that anyone left behind, either drag or be discarded. So, third-party logistics to start from now, bit by bit, starting to catch up, "you got me, I got you" does not become a beautiful vision.


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