Development direction of logistics outsourcing under economic globalization

rich country business enterprise develop logistics plan has two more features. One is the supply chain management. Second is the integration of logistics outsourcing. In the United States, and Japan and other nations are not manufacturers because industry part is not not possible is appropriate and the level of integration of governance, but the general trend is an internal integration from in the late 1970 of the 20th century slowly since the 90 's the evolution of external integration, inexhaustible level of integration deepens. United States, for example, enter 90, nearly 70% of Shanghai Huayu logistics enterprise's logistics business to a third party logistics company or concluded with external enterprise strategic Union to operate, only 30% the implementation of logistics and leading logistics service or logistics subsidiaries.

followed economic globalization growth, Division increasingly craft, enterprise between competition increasingly aggravated, consumers needs increasingly diversification, and personalized, to landed logistics cost, achieved on Gu Huayu logistics guest of fast reaction, progress enterprise of competitiveness, in Fortune country pod winter through process logistics outsourcing of logistics counsel increasingly get enterprise business governance who of squarely, became Enterprise overall counsel primary of part, and get has more with function. In the United States, through logistics outsourcing, logistics and business restructuring, logistics costs since 1980 accounted for 10.5% of the 1 2% of GDP touched down in 1997, and then in 2004 to  5%. < XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

as transnational enterprise, procurement and sent sold makes its supply chain extended to global, both shipping, and air, long-distance transport, also has door door of delivery, also need for clearance, procedures, is to established integration of global logistics system, same capital intends to, cut cost, progress effectiveness on became enterprise should hard evil competition of means of   through process logistics outsourcing, original source 19 name Siemens company employees to completed of logistics governance work now by 8 name standing Shanghai of Nathan Howe employees will can completed. Logistics outsourcing makes the logistics of Siemens integrated sea and air transport and logistics, and true end-to-end logistics system.

Lucent Technologies (Lucent) and the United States combined with parcel companies (UPS) cooperation in logistics management, by combining package coherent part of business of the company set up a special working group, Lucent is responsible for governance of all air and land freight, cross-warehousing and logistics systems of business operation of the port.

Meanwhile, universal logistics outsourcing is the Asia Pacific.

HP GSO (HP Global Service Organization) of spare parts with the DHL Logistics reverse logistics cooperation on containing received received the part of engineers and sales channels to use, accept to receive, repair, Depot weaknesses parts, ECHO shortcomings of parts to suppliers, from the client to the dealer constitutes a perfect reverse logistics chain.

logistics outsourcing in the country to take back


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