Changes in logistics market will lead the latest new products

according to taste, statement from globalization, economy, technology, logistics, the environment and social hot spots such as untwisting, research on "green" revolution, technology driven consumer behavior and expectations of large scope changes and China is becoming an economic and technology leader. It is reported that contains the CEO of well-known multinational companies, economics, science and logistics in the future category of scholars, selected by and from all fronts, hoau logistics experts in election by the consumer, including a 900 people from around the world took advice of the questionnaire to consult.

and, of course, terrible attacks and the popularity of global diseases will still pose a threat to humanity in the future, experts believe that this type of environment through financial investment and long resisted progress in science and technology. Others, such as Enron and public health problems, Asia experts said was more pessimistic, of course, but their craft can alter the trade operations and spur to innovation in trade area affecting confidence strong.

results of the study on this statement, Germany Post DHL   Shanghai Huayu logistics Global Chief performance officer, Dr fulanke·apeier suggests: "sustainable growth, education and title problems such as social responsibility for companies in the future will be more first. "To this end, DHL also creates found a walking guide to the potential future environment, and integrate results into a new form of collective strategy.

statements displaying the logistics business will lead the trend of changes. By 2020, the operating mode of the world will continue to be a market economy, product outsourcing trend will continue. As a pioneer of the change, the wind industry will become the other categories to follow the example – logistics enterprises in the shared collection of establishment and operations into more funds than ever before.

climate change and energy conservation is to state the primary content of   in the context of inevitable, consumers will be willing to work for environmentally-friendly products and pay more money. Survey shows that compared with the experts from Europe, Africa and the Americas, and Asia experts believe "zero-emissions city" will be rendered worldwide. Asian experts also believe that, in order to support environmentally-friendly logistics, customers have been prepared, take over a longer delivery time.


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