Modern logistics park to crack growth difficult to achieve property upgrade

integrate existing logistics capital and promotion work scope and extent.

capital was not under the full control of the environment in the Park, there is a need to deep integration, integrate first hit at two levels: the logistics facilities and logistics enterprises. Logistics facility, to strengthen the function and layout of ┞ ... A is on has better of transport and warehouse do premise of initiatives measures, through process implementation more type transport, and value-added do, and transport and warehouse integration, variety business prepared, for business category of fair expand, spread Eve do range and promotion do degree; II is levels authorities to science integration both initiatives measures of range and layout progress both initiatives measures of using effectiveness, Shanghai China Yu logistics in must range within avoid repeatedly foster, preparedness malignant competition. On logistics enterprise, to strengthen internal integration and merger and acquisition among enterprises with capital, one logistics enterprises by adopting internal reforms, using modern logistics ideas and technology, optimize the distribution network, inter alia, progress the core competitiveness of the enterprise; the second is acquisitions integration between logistics enterprises, through transforming operational mechanisms, progressive business force to open up the market, big business scope expansion.

science fair site moderation costs down support costs.

big logistics financial service, support enterprises big and stronger.

in the country in accordance with policy does not open and cheerful environment, Park in the big deal of work such as project, intended to, at reasonable restraint site costs. A is in investment Shi, to strictly implementation logistics property project associate into rail business, on stationed in Enterprise strictly screening, on site of using strictly control, limit introduced benefits low, and accounted for to eve of project; II is warning Japan, and Germany, country of experience, on intends to of logistics fundamental initiatives cuohuayu logistics Shi regional range within of site implementation dedicated policy, and provides must years within of rental and let du of fair cost, avoid casually will site turned do other non-logistics use; three is common logistics fundamental initiatives measures overall intends to, Logistics facility support to implement total control, encouraging integration both encourages logistics facility at all, in the site environment as little as possible, promoting the reform of logistics facilities and upgrade.

along with China's rapid financial development, financial innovation occur frequently. In addition, based on the supply chain of logistics on the growth of financial services in support of business logistics park plays a primary role. Primary based on inventory financing of business logistics finance chattel mortgage business and power based on order financing mortgage business. In addition, inventory financing business by directly addressing the production flow of capital to drive logistics parks and logistics enterprises grow; order financing business by directly addressing logistics Enterprise Fund to promote the production of goods flow. Is based, the Park can be used as guidance and support banks big force to expand the class of business, increase financing channels for enterprises in the Park, improve operational effectiveness and business scope

Park support bottlenecks cost more, and investment increasingly difficult and new year's Eve.

Park enterprise software initiative relatively backward, logistics and property level is not high.

while, logistics park because Eve type logistics fundamental initiatives measures site occupied Eve, stock site to introduced more of high-end logistics enterprise; addition while because site capital of scarce and fundamental initiatives measures supporting increasingly completely makes Park site cost multiplied rose, plus site tax and demolition policy transfers, logistics with to eve eve beyond logistics industry can bear of each acres 10  million-300,000 yuan of cost, Support and operating costs of big picture progress beam well short of logistics enterprise's introduction and settled in. Park can offer to enterprises preferential policies, such as direct premium subsidies or tax rebates, but I Park financial range of last year's Eve premium subsidies or tax rebates. In this context a new logistics facility at all, not only because of new support application cost big a rate higher than average cost of existing facilities and the increase in the operating costs of enterprises, and will force enterprises to help cost would be too high, eventually passed on to the customer, enabling customers to cost rise. Thus, large logistics enterprises in supply logistics work, difficulties in landing big picture social logistics costs. More serious is that assumes that the logistics business benefit and the prospects for the market are not enough to support the continued operation of the enterprise, enterprises will do on the site useful changes and hype site ┞ imitation, of follow-up growth following the logistics enterprises.

Advanced Logistics Park logistics management concepts and primary application of the technology, and has multiple levels of logistics professionals to save Park is pursuing and applying advanced concepts and advanced technology is the key. Logistics professionals savings shortage is restricting the progress of logistics enterprise management level, into the primary obstacle to logistics work, also contributed to the Park's property information level is not high a priority announcement. Today, Park large logistics enterprises could only supply a simple transport and storage, and in smooth processing, logistics information service, logistics solution design and supply chain management, to get things done at a higher level is not comprehensive. Low logistics property level will have a very big impact logistics enterprises and the competitiveness of the Park.

Logistics Park will solve those tough, produced the expected social and economic benefits of the primary work depends on the logistics of the supply and demand sides. While, only Dang social on logistics do of needs get effective release, for logistics park and logistics enterprise supply throughout of market opportunity, logistics park and logistics enterprise to to health growth of road; addition while, logistics park and logistics enterprise must through process capital integration and property into level, variety approach to strengthening itself of competitiveness, not exhaust opened market, activated and meet customer of not needs, eventually reached more win of occasions pomp.

crack growth difficult to achieve countermeasures and suggestions on property promotion

promote the community's awareness of modern logistics, extended new year's Eve demand.

Wai Siu-value chain and supply chain, to create three middle.

in accordance with the relevant parts of the sample survey, 47 % manufacturers and 62 % Trade Enterprise has not considered what kind of criteria to select the third party logistics service providers. Thus, universal access to modern logistics concept is around the corner, the parties need to be highly familiar with modern logistics and the smooth landing business capital's first probation. Authorities which need policy guidance on business following the logistics concept to improve production flow preparation, split the logistics business, specialization and socialization of logistics service supply needs for growth; logistics parks need to strengthen cooperation with the property around Park, active advocacy of modern logistics concept in the business, guiding logistics flow to the Park.

logistics parks not directly supply logistics, and its presence in the logistics service providers of logistics enterprise is real. In response, park management function table creations found on taxes of logistics enterprises at the moment after all. Financial spending new year's Eve in the zones, tax under weak conditions, must be to consider Park can continue to grow the title issues, short-term benefits and long-term benefits of organic garden to contact in training Park, both sources of fundamentally, home property upgrade and extension of the property chain around the value chain and supply chain, big introduction of high taxes-type logistics enterprises. A is around foster "processing middle" to introduced processing value-added type logistics enterprise, as steel of physical processing middle, and export commodity of processing packaging and the assembled middle,, to change Park VAT sources lost weak of occasions pomp; II is around foster "points pin middle ', to introduced regional of procurement, and points pin type logistics enterprise, as regional medicine middle, and Eve type chain enterprise in Hunan and the in the South area of points pin middle,, to rich Park of business tax origin; three is around foster" settlement middle " Introduction to regional headquarters-type logistics enterprises, such as the delivery of goods, chemical products business settlement, authored for the Park to find more corporate income tax.

big introduction of logistics professionals, improving management level.

Park's lack of professional status at present, large force necessary to introduce logistics professionals, to improve the Park's management level. First, park management unit to introduce logistics professionals, adequate investment, planning, support, property section, output in progressive investment quality, promoting logistics facility intended to foster fair and so on; second, park management unit to guide change talents in logistics enterprises in the industrial park is indecent. Encouraged to encourage enterprises to introduce multi-level logistics professionals, improve enterprise's management level; the third is to strengthen the logistics College, wind industry association of Exchange and cooperation, and full control of external capital for park development.  

  Logistics Park needed to crack three big hard

common platform for building and facility Logistics Park and is the supporting base for the development of, and that facility has invested big, long nurturing period, dividends less features, Enterprise and market measures to support such initiatives, is based on the authorities should take responsibility for the response support. Logistics company has the characteristics of high flow and low taxes, causing Park's revenue is relatively weak, short time difficult to balance in the logistics facility investment and protection of the pressure brought about by the great financial expenditure. Its notices primary has three a aspects: a is logistics park has more with of public property, Park certainly is regional economic growth of primary increased very but its produced of economic and social benefits more to is by district outside enterprise common share, district within logistics enterprise on Park of directly for offered smaller, belongs to typical of returns external of; II is in Park foster early, because fundamental initiatives measures supporting not completely and open degrees not enough, by introduced of logistics enterprise range small, and level low, to meet customer difference of of needs, Led directly on the existing initiative measures operations full economic progress third modern logistics ideas did not gain popularity in the business to make businesses work on the logistics of effective demand is slow, objective's bad luck in logistics and logistics enterprises ' growth.

Park into and output is asymmetric, governance is difficult to balance.


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