How big is express logistics industry in our country from the international gap

facing the impact of foreign-funded EMS companies increasingly ruthless and evil, China express Association noted that in 2 years time to develop a number of new year's Eve at home, the competitiveness of domestic collection Express Enterprise, manipulation of Huayu logistics time 3 years 3 to 5 large courier companies with international competitiveness group, to go abroad to participate in international competition.  

Beijing new year's Eve College taught Zhang Wenjie suggested that spurred the growth of China's logistics industry, ought to make the pie and authorities connected to the training complex, focusing on guidance, support a number of specialized "leading" enterprises, which became typical of the logistics industry as soon as possible, and implement manufacturing "linkage" to grow.

"at present, express the wind industry needs to speed up merger and reorganization, would be useful in accelerating the integration of property laws beneficial to the progress of market concentration, down logistics costs, improved the industry's enterprises are small and ostentation, improve overall Shanghai Huayu logistics efficiency. "Shanghai Securities analyst Ji Lijun said of the transportation sector.

Express Enterprise is inseparable from the logistics of building internationally competitive large environments. At present, China's wind industry has standardized support lagging, logistics facilities supporting logistics craft equipment and poor compatibility, low level, low effectiveness of logistics systems and logistics cost high-end problem, it needs to enhance its research and resolve.

Beijing high-tech big Wu Ching-a Director of the Institute of logistics, standardization of logistics support are the primary, the "pallet system" is imminent, it is fundamental to spur high growth of China's modern logistics industry can effectively progress of all countries and regions of the wind industry, water in quiet effectiveness. Meanwhile, it is also conducive to the promotion of China's participation in the international logistics joint venture system.

Express Logistics work involving transportation, warehousing, distribution and many other areas, Park support in hardware and software aspects of standardization of information supporting itself, no shortage.

Express wind industry scattered, chaotic, raised on small title

FedEx is one of the fastest growing industries in China, than in recent years to maintain annual average rate increases of more than 20%, at present, annual production value of more than 40 billion yuan. As of April 2009, National Express if a branch has more than 2000-pods in winter and more than 7,000 companies.

according to relevant statistics, at present, and the UPS (a combination of packages), FEDEX (Federal Express), DHL (DHL), TNT (liuhe) four-large international logistics Giants express business accounted for more than 70% of the domestic market share, while its domestic business is still expanding.

create a market environment of fair competition, regulation

in contrast, Chinese express industries company small, poor collection advantage industries scattered, chaotic, small problem has not changed is indecent. In air transport, for example, China's national strength and international air transport giant gap is obvious domestic airlines over a total of more than 10 cargo, only United States FedEx cargo total 2%.

is the express delivery industry in developing agile, but compared with the rich countries there is still a big gap. China's economic aggregate ranked third in the world, but the postal business is far behind, not adapted to the level of economic growth. United States 2007 package and shipment volume was 7.5 billion pieces, compared with 1.5 billion in total from more than 5,000 Chinese companies, only United States   five per cent;

UPS, DHL at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport has its own transport, and FedEx are taking aim at Guangzhou, Shenzhen logistics market, and as the primary international logistics to collect it "stronghold".

logistics based on new year's Eve from the express industry environment, poverty has the necessary range of logistics enterprise in China, did not constitute a force more separation of domestic logistics enterprises, storage throughout the small, and the culture is stronger, restricts collecting ┞ breaks the connection of the wind industry.

also the whole family found, through express air industry into the threshold set, cut a small black express logistics company, from the start of market mechanism and consumer benefits of asylum is needed. But the basic conditions are met on the fundamental, necessary for full consideration of fair market competition.

China express air industry diversified competition should be treated, is yet to be further standardized, but the pomp of opening is not against it. This requires that the demand from the market, industry growth and industry perspective, fan corporate actions, by State law, and promote the healthy and orderly growth of enterprises.


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