Three barriers faced by retail logistics Informationization

Blue book said that in the first phase of the information technology in the process of promoting, retail companies pile up large amounts of data, but these data were buried deep in the Ling Ding Sea's computer system is not or is difficult to use, its potential it does not play out. The other hand, enterprises in the protection of the computer equipment and database systems is not the long ya investment has not been effective. A wealth of data, instead of being buried, enterprise itself seems to have fallen victim to such systems, this is information of the "cage". "Islands of information" that interaction between the various independent systems, compatibility and integration problem is a major problem. As a retail enterprise financial governance "housekeeper", sales management, "kingdee" mentorship for Huayu logistics customer relationship management CRM, in this way, data is difficult to swap between the various systems. Decided to try to get a large amount of data after entering the intersection of the business functioning overall picture.  

other enterprise information flow, capital flow and logistics should be able to authenticate each other, reconcile, but because of the separation of data and non-compatibility, cause the flow of the reaction of capital flow and logistics environment most of the time when there are conflicts, which will result in information between "equal to each other".

suppliers and retailers after the game, some producers began to select Import, abandoning the traditional channels. For example, some manufacturers can do self store, do not choose a department store as their first choice. Some department stores blindly seeking upgraded replacement, were spending at a price.  

the blue book also noted that "information prison" and "islands of information" and "information match" become the retail enterprise information continued deep into the "three new year    night".  

       trade growth statement (2008~2009) States that "information prison" and "islands of information" and "information match" are severely hampering the retail enterprise information continues to depth.  

e-commerce, TV home shopping, German law prepared by the direct and other new sales impact. Cost of consumer concern identity, and "$literal" and "after the" Shanghai Huayu logistics prepared by the new consumer identity, makes many of their consumption has shifted from the traditional channels.


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