GMS logistics costs continue lower space

in recently for of Eve Mekong times regional economic corridor trade logistics senior Forum Shang, representative are throughout think, logistics aspects should has a standard and single card aspects of same, and GMS all country level Shang will necessary has supporting of walking intends to, in this process near side private part, and public part will Shanghai China Yu logistics must cooperation, while in this process in the also to for private part for human capital aspects of training.  

to promote GMS regional logistics to grow better, Viet Nam cargo agents Association Tran huy Hien the Secretary-General's proposal is, at present, block GMS of logistics development status contains the missing logistics facility. So we will need the public part, but also to provide strong support to develop these transport facilities, including warehousing and inland transportation. In addition, some prepared and take some out of the stimulus package or the preferential schemes. While these good connections to our logistics work and supply of various aspects of the initiative.  

GMS, that Eve Mekong times regional economic cooperation, is 1992 by Asia opened Bank initiative, by China, and Viet Nam, and Laos, and Cambodia, and Myanmar, and Thailand this 6 a LAN Cambodia goods loan Association Deputy President aung Khin Myint admits, ARIMA logistics transport cost aspects, now Cambodia almost average had port of clearance when for 22 days, each container export is almost to spent 730 dollars, and imports words for 30 days, and $ 870, average number of files you need is about 10 pieces.  

Director of the Department of international economic and trade relations with China's Ministry of Commerce said Yu Jianhua, GMS primary face logistics growth of cross-border transport agreement approved contract also contains the response set out in the annex of the peace talks, in some GMS countries also did not approve; logistics standards in all countries of GMS out of class barriers and constraints.  

it is learnt that the Kunming-Bangkok highway has opened to traffic a year, but there are also charges high title problems, lack of policy support, vehicle difficult to Exchange hard gold channel's probation also does not have a valid play.   Cangjiang along the Mekong countries to participate in a subregional economic cooperation mechanism.  

Gu Chaoxi, Vice Governor of Yunnan province, as saying that at present, followed slowly constitutes of a regional transport corridor, telling us how "corridor" into economic corridors, and writing found "most Mekong sub-region" of economic growth, has become the national authorities and the business sector over concern of a practical problem.  

but in this logistics enterprises, logistics in GMS region obviously can't be satisfied.  


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