Controlled opportunities to meet the logistics market in spring

support in logistics park based on speeding up fostering good efficient logistics transport system  

centralized support and layout of logistics facilities, promoting intensive management, giving rise to effects of Huayu logistics. A ready logistics park planning to install. High start point to layout can constitute a high efficiency of the shipping channel to collect, work fast and on time, diversification of supply of modern logistics distribution system. In accordance with the growth of logistics company functions, in the port area around the stereo warehouse, established within the development zone Shanghai Road property; in Sunshine wulian mountain, nine mountain scenery around the establishment of sunshine three TRANS City North Station. Else, we will continue to actively promote the sunshine Logistics Park operation support growth, supporting the perfect storage and processing, transport and distribution, e-business platforms and other facilities. Second, enhancing core competitiveness. Followed property of, and intensive, and range of of requirements, makes company logistics property of growth and, Rizhao city, features professional market of into level reform, and features property Park of information promoted, and traditional logistics industry of transition Shanghai China Yu logistics variant even complex up, on existing capital for integration, promotion do concept; to followed modern logistics integration governance layout of requirements, on for optimization enterprise internal logistics system of modern logistics governance craft to speed up promoted application.  

Rizhao city as a land bridge economic belt and the South ends of the property, with growth of modern logistics winning premise. Recent years,, Rizhao city, home Yu unique of port, and location and opening advantage, tightly caught Shandong province implementation   "one wings" counsel layout of primary opportunity, Eve force growth to port logistics for middle of modern logistics industry, and will its as city modern do career eight Eve property of first be focus training, relies on port, and highway, and railway, traffic moments, effective integration logistics capital, speed up foster radiation along bridge   (New Asia Europe Eve bridge) area of regional logistics middle, adopted policy tilt, and funds tilt, and talent tilt of prepared, added Eve enterprise training efforts, active training to third party logistics for focus of modern logistics industry, encouraged encourages traditional freight enterprise to modern logistics enterprise change, and to collective of growth; various logistics enterprise also through process merger restructuring, and business integration, and counsel Union, situation, makes modern logistics industry get has great growth, Sunshine logistics of spring has coming.  

strengthening logistics talent introduction and training  

because professional logistics personnel, especially logistics programme designed for the talent-poor, inevitable extent restricted the company's growth. Given logistics governance of systemic, and complexity, requirements modern enterprise in the of logistics governance who not only to master logistics governance craft, and to knew produced process equipment, and produced process and the market needs of common sense and information, control enterprise within supply chain process, and Enterprise Qian to of manufacturing supply chain process, and Enterprise Hou to of sent sold supply chain process; not only if transport and warehouse "were holding hands cooked line", and also to knew software testimonies and the IT system, to adapted online business of need. On how get above of professional craft talent, while, to added Eve introduced of efforts, from high-end College, and logistics industry fortune of city, and progress predecessors logistics enterprise, spent heavily invited, and introduced a high-end logistics talent; addition while, adopted variety prepared on enterprise within existing of logistics practitioners for system training, to progress predecessors modern logistics enterprise for not yamo, and learning, to progress they of itself nature and logistics governance degree, speed up composite type logistics talent of training, To meet the needs of enterprise's logistics modernization.  

big chance, should have led to large logistics. Big good growth opportunities, we must further perfect the logistics development of new year's Eve, according to location and then day, further sights even higher, from the city's Southwest and ┞ Fu Ti, start from key moments in science management, specific measures for the pace and grow, to spur rapid economic growth which, Rizhao city offerings.   Is a clear understanding of the logistics industry transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding industry and the information industry, such as the compound premises, is the primary component of the national economy. To this end, the country has been listed as one of ten new year's Eve revitalize the property and development issued a   of the logistics industry adjustment and revitalization plan to Shandong province Hall, road transport to transport enterprises in Shandong province as breaking the mouth of modern logistics industry development in transition, the implementation of a range of support options, developing a cadre of modern logistics enterprise. Companies to hold authorities at all levels of the arm some big opportunities and growth opportunities of city modern logistics, further extension reveals the growth of logistics space in the process of promoting the development of modern logistics industry in our city, winning big growth.

strengthening organization led, science, promoting property development  

one is to further streamline and perfect the existing logistics operations management system. Place in the logistics park location advantage, port and hinterland, sourcing, the company is certainly the growth in logistics property in the city, the logistics industry as a pillar of the company property to catch, in order to promote the rapid growth of other property of the company. Second, the country's logistics industry adjustment and revitalization plan to be guided, and property following the Logistics Park layout and functions and the city intends to request invited experts on the development of modern logistics in companies as a whole. Three is to speed up the form reasonable layout, functions perfectly, structured, System logistics industry growth pattern. Exert advantage, spurring sunshine logistics zone, Shanghai Road, warehousing and distribution operation, Sunshine North, three transport logistics support, attracting wide province table large warehousing business logistics and Business Park, expanding the logistics functions of the three big parks.  

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